itifex aspiratori ventilatori componenti

Reference Standards and Certifications

The definition of fans, their direction of rotation, the conventional designation of the positions of the discharge port of a centrifugal fan and the design specifications and the positions of the motor with respect to the fan are defined according to the standard ISO 13349:2009.

This standard includes definitions for:


installation with free inlet and free outlet with a partition (ISO 5801 and ISO 5802)


installation with free inlet and ducted outlet (ISO 5801 and ISO 5802)


installation with ducted inlet and free outlet (ISO 5801 and ISO 5802)


installation with ducted inlet and ducted outlet (ISO 5801 and ISO 5802)

ITIFEX standard fans are suitable for a category D configuration; when purchasing a category D fan, the customer is responsible for connecting the inlet and outlet ducts and/or machinery. These connections must comply with what is specified in the UNI EN ISO 1299-2009 standard section 7.1.
Any use of the fan in a different configuration must be specified when ordering. ITIFEX is able to supply the various and appropriate accessories for other configurations.
ITIFEX standard fans comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and are defined as “partly completed machinery” (Art. 2 section g) and comply with Art. 13. Each complete fan is accompanied by a declaration of incorporation.
With reference to the safety requirements for mechanical guards, ITIFEX fans comply with the standard UNI EN ISO 12499-2009.
The efficiency of the fans complies with the objectives of EU regulation no. 327/2011, as required by directive 2009/125/EC.
All ITIFEX impellers are statically and dynamically balanced in compliance with the regulation ISO1940/1:1993 “Balance tolerances for rigid rotors”.

Running performance and vibration testing (see ISO 1494:2003) are included as part of the functional test. For potentially explosive environments, special fans are produced with 2 different types of certifications:
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